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I recently used Lorraine to help me with the process of obtaining an Order of Possession against some troublesome tenants. I found Lorraine as she had been recommended on a couple of property forums. I had previously spoken to a couple of specialist law firms but their advice was contradictory and they seemed not to like it when I asked questions about the legal process. Lorraine, on the other hand, explained the process very clearly and was happy to answer my questions. This is obviously extremely important when choosing someone to work with on such an important matter. 
My case was a bit more complicated than usual as the tenancy was long standing and so there had been a substantial changes in the law since it began. Lorraine actually displayed a better knowledge of the law and how it applies to longer running tenancies than the law firms I spoke to, who only seemed aware of the current law, and struggled to advise me on my situation accurately. I therefore chose to engage her. I am delighted that I did, as she has a wealth of expertise beyond her knowledge of the law. Her previous experience as a housing officer, means she understands the process from all angles and in a really practical way. This proved to be invaluable in deciding on the best strategy to adopt. Lorraine is extremely efficient and gets things done. While I hope I will never need her services again, I would definitely use Lorraine in future if the need arose and can recommend her wholeheartedly. 
She guided me through an extremely stressful experience and got the result I wanted. 
“Late last year I had a nightmare situation with a tenant who had moved into a property I owned as a friend. Eighteen months late she decided that, despite signing a shorthold tenancy agreement, I was charging her too much rent and she would no longer pay it – or any of her bills, which were included. She refused to talk or respond to any communication from me, so, realising I needed the help of an expert, I called on the services of Lorraine Burwood, The Eviction Lady. Her advice was to move quickly but be very sure I got all the paperwork right. Should I issue a Section 21 or Section 8? I asked Lorraine to handle the matter for me and within days both had been served and the tenant knew I meant business. She did her best to challenge the legality of the summons, even questioning it when we got to court, but Lorraine knew what she was doing and everything was completely in order. The court process is lengthy but Lorraine’s expertise and support meant I had complete confidence on the day, and getting the result I wanted was easy: within a few minutes the Judge granted me a full Possession Order. 
If you want to gain possession of your property efficiently and without stress, I whole-heartedly recommend Lorraine.” 
“I had become a landlord when my mother died and left her house to me and my sisters. We decided to let it out because we had not been able to find a buyer. We used a Lettings Agent to find a suitable tenant and all was well for the first eighteen months. Then the tenant, who was on a state pension, applied for help from the local authority to pay her rent, unfortunately the payments she received in benefits did not cover the rent in full and so an arrear began to occur. Lorraine was able to advise me what action to take and subsequently I served a Section 21 notice. Once the notice had expired Lorraine completed the court application and finally issued the warrant to evict the tenant. 
I would not hesitate to engage Lorraine’s services again should the need arise and would highly recommend her to any private landlord with similar issues with their tenant. She is very approachable and knowledgeable”. 
“Before I engaged Lorraine’s services, I was losing money because my tenant had stopped paying his rent, as a relatively new landlord this was my first experience of dealing with non-payment of rent. I had lost over two month’s rent before I took action. Lorraine helped me every step of the way. We discussed the different options and decided to serve both Section 21 and Section 8 Notices. 
Lorraine served these notices and after the 14 day period had expired she advised me to visit the property to ascertain if the tenant was still living at the property. I wrote to inform him that I would be visiting the property and has asked the police to attend. On the day of the visit I arrived at the property and discovered the tenant in the process of moving out. I am really pleased that I found Lorraine and used her services as it save me months of lost rent and it felt good knowing that I had a professional working with me to take the worry out of the process. I would recommend Lorraine to any landlord that needs to end a tenancy for whatever reason. She is very professional and offers a first class personal service”. 
“Lorraine dealt with everything from start to finish and this helped me enormously. She is incredibly professional and very knowledgeable too. A pleasure working with her”. 
“We used Lorraine’s services to assist us with getting possession when on of our tenants fell on hard times. Lorraine’s services was prompt and very supportive. She appointed solicitors to present our case in court and ensured we had all the necessary information to ensure the possession was granted without hesitation. We now have our property back and are following up on getting the debt cleared. If you need assistance getting possession Lorraine can help you ensure you do it right and get the result you want”. 
“Myself and my husband have been investing in property for many years but this is the first time we have needed to evict any of our tenants. We had no hesitation in seeking expert advice from Lorraine, The Eviction Lady. She was very professional and her helpful advice was very reassuring. Our tenant was a bit tricky, he claimed not to have received the notice but Lorraine handled this expertly. Lorraine kept us informed every step of the way, she helped to take the stress and strain out of the situation and the result is we now have our property back. 
Many thanks for all your advice and help with the eviction, you provide a great service and I wouldn’t hesitate to use your service again, should the need arise”. 
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